Caterina Kein, Chair – Commissioner since 2015img_0140

I am a graduate student examining the connections between food insecurity and juvenile delinquency in rural and tribal youth. I am a high school drop out that later was able to attend college through the support of positive role models and mentors. It is important to me to make sure that youth a regularly reminded that they are not “lost causes.”

Caterina is on the Board of Food for People and a graduate of Harvard University Extension Studies. She is also a small business owner and owns Fresh Roots Humboldt a sustainable landscaping company with her partner Michael.

Bill Daniel – Commissioner since 1983william_daniel

I have an interest in Criminal Justice and particularly Juvenile Justice. I was recruited by Tony Martin.

Bill is a  retired Humboldt State University professor. He is on the board of Food for People and the Six Rivers Running Club.

Rose Baker – Commissioner since 2008unnamed

Bio Coming Soon!


Steve Schaening – Commissioner since 2011SteveS

I have a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life for children, youth, family, and the Community.

Steven has over 26 years experience as a law enforcement officer working primarily with youth and their families in his capacity as a Senior Probation Officer.

Scott Frank – Commissioner since 2012ScottF

My involvement in the JJDPC stemmed from a desire to give back to the community and improve the lives of juveniles facing hardship, while being given the opportunity to provide input to stakeholders involved in juvenile justice.

Scott works in Sales and Marketing in Humboldt County.

Janae Teal – Commissioner since 20141425474_10153626917400397_571896037_o

I became involved with JJDPC because I care about, and study, the interactions between youth and the criminal justice system. I am particularly interested in the over representation of some youth in the system (youth of color, sexual minority youth, and youth that come from working class families). I study the School-to-Prison Pipeline and thought that the JJDPC would be a good venue for creating dialogue on the intersections that youth have with education and the criminal justice system.

Janae is an Analyst for Humboldt County DHHS – Adult Services.

Meredith Williams – Commissioner since 2014d028b82f-e60d-4cc0-85de-b8f40de349d7

I became a commissioner so I could get to know the people and agencies in Humboldt County that are working for juvenile justice. I also wanted to maintain and strengthen connections between HSU, where I am a professor, and the juvenile justice community. I am especially interested in working with, and hearing from, LGBTQ youth. I would like to hear about their experiences in the criminal justice system, and know more about their trajectories into and away from offending.

Meredith is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Humboldt State University. She teaches classes in the Criminology and Justice Studies major and the Sociology major, and is the Graduate Coordinator for our MA program in Public Sociology.

Kelsey Reedy – Commissioner since 2015unnamed

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Cherie VonSavoye – Commissioner since 2016unnamed

I am interested in community activities, collaboration of services, and policy that interface with the at risk juvenile population to prevent incarceration and/or dependency and promote health and well being for families and my community.

Cherie is a Social Worker Supervisor for Humboldt County Child Welfare Services.

Jenna Osenbaugh – Commissioner since 2016imag0429

After volunteering with Teen Court for many years, I was told about the JJDPC. I decided to attend a meeting, where I found it was very interesting and decided to apply. I wanted to get more involved with youth, outside of just Teen Court.

Jenna is a full-time student, but is an avid volunteer with Teen Court.