Goals and Bylaws

Humboldt County JJDPC Bylaws
(revised December 2002)

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Statement of Purpose

It is the purpose of these Commissions, Juvenile Justice, and Delinquency Prevention, to exercise the powers granted in the Welfare and Institutions Code; to improve the quality of life for children and youth in this community. The Commissions will promote, monitor and sanction programs for prevention of delinquency and monitor those programs within the correctional system that provide care or services to youth within that system.

Commission Goals

1. The Commissions will educate Commission Members so that they can develop an ongoing program for public awareness.
2. The Commissions will raise the level of public awareness as it pertains to juvenile delinquency prevention.
3. The Commissions will assume a leadership role in a long-range planning process for delinquency prevention in Humboldt County.
4. The Commissions will support development of specific delinquency prevention efforts constant with a long-range plan.
5. The Commissions will increase the coordinating function through knowledge, evaluation, and support of community programs that incorporate the Commissions goals.



The Commissions, pursuant to Article 3, Sections 525 through 536 inclusive of the Welfare and Institutions Code of the State of California, shall consist of not less than seven nor more than fifteen members, each to serve for a period of four years, duly appointed by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of the County of Humboldt with the concurrence of the Juvenile Court Judge.


The powers of the Commissions shall be those set forth in Article 3, Sections 525 through 526 inclusive of the Welfare and Institutions Code of the State of California. A quorum shall be six members of the full commission. A majority of the membership present shall be required to take any action.


Vacancies on the Commissions shall be filled by appointment, as prescribed by law, by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of the County of Humboldt, with the concurrence of the Juvenile Court Judge. Three consecutive unexcused absences shall constitute a resignation. Commissioners may apply for a leave of absence of specific duration.


It shall be the policy of the appointing authority to appoint members to the Commissions representing various regions of the County of Humboldt as well as various segments of the community. In accordance with state law, such appointments shall include two youth members, aged 14 to 21 at the time of their appointment. Members of standing committees shall be appointed by the Commissions as associate, non-voting, members of the Commissions.


It shall be the duty of the Commissions to keep a complete record of all their minutes and actions; and, as prescribed by law, make an annual report to the Judge of the Juvenile Court; and to act in an advisory capacity to the Chief Probation Officer and his assistants.


The officers of the Commissions shall be a Chairman, four Vice Chairmen (Administration, Juvenile Justice, Delinquency Prevention, and Community Relations), who shall be members of the Commissions. Officers shall be nominated by a nominating committee of five commissioners elected by the Commissions at the April meeting. The officers shall be elected at the June meeting and serve a term of two years. Officers shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. An Administrative Assistant to the Commissions shall be appointed by the Chairman with the approval of the Commissioners. The Administrative Assistant shall be reimbursed at a rate set by the Commissions.


The executive Committee of the Commissions shall consist of the Chairman, the four Vice Chairmen, and the Administrative Assistant. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairman. When an office becomes vacant during a given term, the Executive Committee shall make a recommendation for a replacement to the Commissions at the next regular meeting. Additional nominations can be made from the floor. The Commissions then elect a person to fill the unexpired term.


The meetings of the Commissions shall be held monthly, on a date to be set by the Commissions. If a poll of the membership establishes that there is no business at be conducted at a given meeting, that meeting need not be held. No more than two consecutive meetings shall be so canceled.


If at any time the Chairman shall be unable to act, the Vice Chairman, Administration, shall take his/her place and perform the duties. If the Vice Chairman, Administration is unable to act as Chair, the responsibility shall pass to the Vice Chairman, Juvenile Justice, then to the Vice Chairman, Delinquency Prevention, and then to the Vice Chairman, Community Relations.


The Chairman, or in his/her absence a Vice Chairman, shall:
1. Preside over all meetings of the Commissions and shall have a vote in all matters of the Commissions;
2. Sign, as Chairman, all reports which have first been approved by the Commissions;
3. Call the Commissions together whenever he/she deems necessary;
4. Have, as approved by law, direction of the affairs of the Commissions, and;
5. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

  • The Vice Chairman, Administration, shall assist the Chair in the planning and administration of the Commissions activities.
  • The Vice Chairman, Juvenile Justice, shall coordinate Commissions responsibilities and activities in the area of Juvenile Justice.
  • The Vice Chairman, Delinquency Prevention, shall coordinate all Commissions responsibilities and activities in the area of Delinquency Prevention.
  • The Vice Chairman, Community Relations, shall coordinate Commissions responsibilities and activities in the area of Community Relations/Liaison.


The duties of the Internal Affairs Committee shall include serving as a by-laws committee, when needed, and the membership committee.


All business of the Commissions shall be conducted on a fiscal year basis. The fiscal year shall be July 1 – June 30. An operating budget shall be adopted by the Commissions at the June meeting.


It shall be the responsibility of each member of the Commission to attend all meetings of the Commissions. In the event a member is unable to attend, the Chairman or his/her designee shall be notified.


The by-laws and standing rules of the Commissions may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all Commissioners at any regular meeting.


The proceedings of all meetings of the Commissions shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.